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Andrew Carper
Andrew Carper
Published on July 22, 2018

How Smart Is Your Home?

Smart homes make life more comfortable, and they’re typically designed to be power-efficient, which could save you money.  There are many smart home product categories, so you can control everything from lights and temperature to locks and security in your home. Think about all the devices on the market and in the making, Devices that all communicate, and Send you information like Speakers, Cameras, clocks, doorbells, lights, windows and window blinds, appliances,  and security items. If you want to make sure your kids get home, and safe or like a majority of dog lovers – very curious to see what their dog does when they are not home.  The dog might make it useful to get a home security system that includes a microphone and speaker. You will be able to use this to talk to your pet, and he’ll hear you even if you’re not in the house. Start learning by also keeping the cost down.  Evaluating your family’s unique needs should reduce the likelihood you’ll invest in a home security system with features you don’t use. Be Patient! You will be getting used to something new, and being patient with yourself should help you keep everything in the right perspective. For most, this is not a cheap decision even if there are cheaper ways to do it.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Smart Home Automation

Home security systems can give you valuable peace of mind, primarily when you can’t monitor the premises in person.  Even better, many of today’s options have smart technologies that employ facial recognition, cloud data storage and more. Smart Home Automation is one of the biggest long-term ideas to keep sight of. Automating the ability to control items around the house. If you buy Nest products, for example, Amazon’s smart speakers enable you to control those items with voice commands that Alexa recognizes. Since manufacturers realize their customers may own more than one smart home product, they often try to make their items compatible with others. You have to be aware of who connects with who. In 2018 Google will be connecting their devices to a wide range of products and companies. Doing so results in more convenience for buyers and makes their products more appealing to people who are gradually adding gadgets to their smart homes. One of the things I focused on at the beginning and was a long-term decision for me was, It must be compatible with google assistant. You may want to focus on something else but a lot of products are slowly becoming compatible with each other and will continue to do so over time.

Home Security & Surveillance

Rather than focusing solely on price, read reviews about smart home products of interest. Pay attention to what people say about the overall longevity of those items and whether particular parts failed. Cheaper products often need replacing sooner than more expensive products, making the upfront reduced cost less economical than it first seems. Hue Personal Wireless Lighting It’s tempting to fill your shopping cart with an assortment of smart home products and start setting them up. If you do your homework beforehand and determine if the gadgets meet your expectations and needs, you’ll avoid problems and can fully enjoy your teched-out home. The research was hard! My first step was two google homes and one google mini. This decision was because even if something kept me from moving forward, I would still put the speakers to plenty of use.  Shortly after setting the Google Home and Mini, I was hooked on the compatibility I felt was all around my house just from a few simple products.

Room by room upgrades If you still don’t really know where to start, there are several home automation and smart home upgrade kits on the market. The main purpose of home automation is to make daily tasks easier for the user. You don’t need to rush and try to upgrade everything in your home at once. Identify areas of your home or exact tasks where you would appreciate some technological help, then research what home automation options are available to fulfil your needs. A good place to browse for Greenville Smart Homes Automation Systems is Best Buy.

Wifi & Networking

Light bulbs and other simple connected choices might keep you busy for a while, but at some point, you’ll want to connect more things. “Very few products around the home can’t be connected to the Internet,” according to Ryan Fant and Nayeem Hussain, co-founders at Keen Home, another smart home device company that makes smart air vents. “Everything from speakers to slow cookers are smart these days,” they told me by email.   Don’t Forget Those Christmas Present!   It might be hard to justify the high prices of smart home technology during the year, but they make reasonable gifts during the holidays. Not only do smart home gifts surprise loved ones with something futuristic and flashy, they also pay off all year, improving their quality of your life, decreasing utility bills, and boosting your home’s value. Here is a list of some top home automation products to upgrade your home and the majority could easily be bought with the intent of Holiday gifts! Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen | Greenville Smart Homes & Automation Greenville Smart Homes | High Tech Home Automation Upgrades To Use In The Upstate Ranked Smart Home Hubs – 2018 Don’t forget to try and find considering DIY Greenville Smart Homes & Automation to save some money! Smart bedroom lighting Smart lighting can help you relax at the end of the day, and even help you fall asleep, with lighting that is personalized to you, with dimming and variable color temperatures. There are several types of smart lighting products available, with some set by timers that can be easily accessed and changed through your smartphone, while others utilize motion sensors to adapt the lighting to your nightly routine. Smart windows Equip your windows with smart window film, or adjustable blinds that operate by a motor, which can be accessed on your smartphone. Smart blinds and shades can adapt and respond to the lighting level outside. Smart window film offers the ability to transition your window from clear to opaque by simply tapping a button on your smartphone. Google Chromecast Ultra Review July 2018

Home automation for any room Smart sockets/plugs Smart plugs are a simple and easy way to make a start upgrading your home. The smart socket device plugs into your existing power outlet and enables you to remotely control the power usage and keep an eye on your energy usage. There are several manufacturers of smart plugs, iHome, TP-LINK, Belkin, and D-Link to name a few, and the devices are an affordable way to start upgrading your home with prices ranging from as low as $30. Humidity detector The Humidity Sensor and Fan Control by Leviton can identify the level of humidity in your home and automatically react to it by turning on a ventilation fan. The smart device can be used in the bathroom and any other area of your home to reduce moisture in the air.

Learn More About Greenville Smart Homes And Get Started At Your Own Pace.   Discover what is best for you. Adopt a few items around the house that you can spend time with and feel what is really needed.   Keep in mind for the future, The sale of your home and how that will impact everything. Greenville Smart Homes | Can Green Features Help You Sell A House?

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Ezviz is a cheaper camera that can be installed in Greenville Smart Home and in 2018, released their smart hub and motion sensors.

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